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Workshop: Leading and developing strengths based cultures

A one day workshop suitable for anyone with leadership responsibilities within health and care.

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We know that those in supervisory roles, for example team managers, seniors and practice leads, have a considerable influence on the culture of practice within services.

Being a leader in our current climate of such pressures in social care and health is an extremely challenging role, juggling competing demands whilst needing to stay true to core values and sense of purpose, making a positive difference in people’s lives.

This workshop explores some of that tension, provides a space for participants to evaluate how their behaviours influence the culture of the service they’re responsible for and how this impacts on the lives of those who draw on that support.

We'll explore:

  • What we mean by a strengths based culture.
  • How it aligns with statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • What great leadership looks like in that context and the behaviours that support it.

The workshop aims to motivate participants to consider practical things they can do, whilst juggling multiple priorities, to be authentic leaders and ensure strengths based, person centred practice becomes sustained and embedded in the services they work in

Who should attend?

  • Anyone leading or supervising a team within health and care. This could include those who are new (or aspiring) to the role and those with a wealth of experience who want to refresh their knowledge.
  • Anyone responsible for cultural change, quality of practice and delivery of care and support.

You may be working in the statutory sector, community or provider organisation, but most importantly, you'll have the ambition to develop and sustain a culture of strengths-based and person centred approaches.

How is the workshop delivered?

The workshop can be online or in person. We recommend in person, but understand the challenges of this, so offer an online option too.

In person we have a maximum of 24 participants and online 16.

Why NDTi?

We have a wealth of experience in supporting leaders to drive values based change, to be brave, authentic and to lead services that support people to have good lives. Read more about our leadership programmes.

Our facilitators come from within our Community Led Support programme. They have extensive experience in developing and leading strengths based and person centred cultural change across services and organisations. Their collective expertise covers adult social care, human rights, commissioning, leadership, social work, and evaluation and learning.

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