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Community Led Support

Working across England, Wales and Scotland, our Community Led Support (CLS) programme involves selected local authorities and health and social care partnerships implementing a new way of delivering community support.

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CLS brings innovation to how we deliver services – designed and driven by practitioners along with local partners and members of the community they are serving. It’s not a new fad but builds on what is already working, joining up good practice and strengthening common sense, empowerment and trust. CLS assists organisations to work collaboratively with their communities and their staff teams to redesign a service that works for everyone, that evolves and is continually refined based on learning. NDTi is delivering a programme of support tailored to each area but with some common principles that govern the work.

CLS principles are:

  • Coproduction brings people and organisations together around a shared vision
  • There has to be a culture based on trust and empowerment
  • There is a focus on communities and each will be different
  • People are treated as equals, their strengths and gifts built on
  • Bureaucracy is the absolute minimum it has to be
  • People get good advice and information that helps avoid crises
  • The system is responsive, proportionate and delivers good outcomes

The programme of support

We work with each site over approximately 18 months to plan, design, implement and evaluate their changes locally and to create a new model that continually learns and develops. Each area is unique and implementing the principles will therefore look different as the work responds to local circumstances, strengths and priorities. There is a strong national network to enable sites to share experiences, learning, tools and ideas and address common challenges.

New network members are always welcome. For more information and an informal discussion, please contact Jenny Pitts.

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