Change that leads to better lives

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision

A world where everyone matters.

Our mission

To enable people at risk of exclusion, due to age or disability, to live the life they choose.

We exist to make change happen by celebrating what’s possible, supporting changemakers and building self-determination.

Vision mission image
A row of three circles with icons and text for each: Our vision, our mission and human rights

Our values

  • We drive inclusion enabling voice and opportunity for equal lives.
  • We are reliable keeping our word and acting with integrity and authenticity.
  • We are open and honest about what needs to change and how.
  • We act with humanity in our work and relationships with people, protecting and upholding human rights.
  • We are curious pioneers always looking to creatively learn and improve.
  • We create impact contributing towards better lives in our communities.
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