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Research about Moving House

Moving House paper 01

People with learning disabilities have the right to choose where they live, and who they live with.

We asked people with learning disabilities what it was like moving into their home.

We spoke to 107 people with learning disabilities. 77 people lived in supported living. 30 people lived in residential care.

The research findings:

People in supported living were more likely than people in residential care to choose who they lived with.

People tended to move house when they had a problem with their current house, rather than moving because they wanted to.

There needs to be more housing available for people with learning disabilities to choose from.

People should be supported to think about where they want to live in the future.

We are pleased to share the following resources from this work:

This research was written by: Lauren Blood, Dr. Francesca Ribenfors, Professor Chris Hatton and Anna Marriott.

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