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NDTi People

NDTi People are committed to partnership, co-creation and shared learning.   We’re the home of innovative, fresh approaches that work. 

NDTi People

When faced with limited resources our people can adapt and readily create smart and pragmatic solutions that achieve more, for less.

Our team includes nationally recognised experts in learning disability, ageing and older people, mental health and children and young people.  Most have direct experience of developing and managing services and many of us have experience of using services – either directly or as family members or carers.

The NDTi family comprises our staff team of approximately 25 people; a network of approximately 40 associates who bring particular expertise in specific areas of work; and our Board of Trustees who bring long standing experience, national profile, networks and reach.

The NDTi has a dedicated Business Support Team and has offices in Bath, Manchester and Glasgow.

More information on our team's experience and expertise can be found by clicking on the links below.

Staff Team



Partnerships and Alliances