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“Small changes that can easily be made to accommodate autism really do add up and can transform a young person’s experience of being in hospital. It really can make all the difference.”

Beth W

This report is informed by autistic experience and by what autism ‘feels like from the inside’ and is based on the experiences of children and young people who have experienced Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) inpatient environments.

Autism is viewed as a sensory processing difference, and healthcare providers have a legal duty to adjust the environment to accommodate autistic people.

This report makes recommendations for changes that providers of CAMHS inpatient services can make to improve the sensory environment.

As well as talking about changes to buildings, autistic young people we spoke to told us that staff approach is important. We listened to them and included information about this in the report too.

This report was commissioned by National Quality Improvement Taskforce for children and young people’s mental health inpatient services.

Full report and supporting images are found in the "related downloads" and useful links section in the right toolbar.

The supporting presentation delivered in July 2021 can be found below.

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