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SEND Leadership Programme: Evaluating the longer-term impact

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The SEND Leadership Programme, funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and delivered by NDTi as part of the Delivering Better Outcomes Together contract, is now in the 7th year of delivery. Past evaluations conducted at the time of delivery have consistently found evidence of an extremely positive response to the Programme and indications of clear intentions to change practice. However, the longer-term impact for both the people who participate in the Programme and their local areas had not been explored. In order to address this gap, the NDTi Research and Evaluation team conducted a mixed methods evaluation to explore the longer-term impact of the Programme.

A survey of past participants found that:

  • 69% reported that the Programme had a positive and lasting impact on their leadership skills
  • 77% reported that participation in the Programme has led to positive changes to the delivery of SEND support and services in their local area

Overall, the data and evidence collected for this evaluation indicates that for many people who have participated in the SEND Leadership Programme over the last six years:

  • There is a long-term impact on their leadership skills, particularly around: leadership style; general confidence and confidence to challenge; and improved strategic partnerships.
  • The Programme has led to change in the delivery of SEND support and services in their local areas, particularly in terms of: improved participation and voice of children and young people and parents/carers; improved partnership work; and around strategy input or system redesign.
  • There was wider change as result of: cascading learning; culture change; and improved resilience and retention.

For the full report click here.

For a summary of key findings click here.

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