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Workshops: Embedding strengths-based approaches

A suite of online, interactive workshops that support the application of strengths-based, community led approaches.

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This suite of workshops offers quality time for reflection, discussion and shared learning in a positive, inclusive forum. Each workshop can serve as a refresher or as a first introduction to this way of working.

They can be tailored to a particular area of service, or can be generic by bringing together a range of participants to explore a common approach, increasing understanding of a wide range of roles and how a strengths based approach can be applied.

All workshops are interactive, conversational in style and encourage participants to:

  • Share their experiences
  • Reflect on their own behaviours
  • Consider how to further embed a culture of strengths-based approaches

The workshops include the perspective of people with lived experience and will support participants to consider the impact and experience for people they are supporting.

Who should attend?

The workshops are ideal for anyone involved in supporting people to consider what is important to them and what may need to change to achieve those things.

Each workshop is two hours long and for a maximum of 20 people. They can be hosted on Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Participants can book the core workshop as a stand-alone session or all three as part of a suite.

Why NDTi?

We have a wealth of experience in supporting social care and health organisations to embed strengths-based approaches that get the best outcomes for those they support. Our facilitators have experience of this work in practice, can relate content to a range of service areas and bring insight and depth to the discussion.

  • Foundation workshop: Exploring strengths-based conversations

  • Additional workshops to complete the full suite

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