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Market Development

Legislation, reducing combined budgets, changing demographics and people’s demands and aspirations mean that we need a fundamentally different approach to market development - the envisioning, planning and development of local services. 

Market development needs people who plan and commission services to work in genuine coproduction with people who use services, families, members of the wider community, a range of professionals and, of course, existing and emerging providers. 

Our support for market development focuses on four key steps:

  1. The knowledge, aspirations and needs of people – sharing real experiences and examples to grow awareness, challenge assumptions and build excitement.
  2. Understanding what is and isn’t available now - mapping the supports and services that come from people themselves, communities and traditional and non traditional providers; and comparing this against aspirations.
  3. Coproducing local marketplace plans – thinking about what services and supports people want and need and how to sustainably develop and maintain these.
  4. Developing the market – working with existing and new providers (large and small) to help them understand what people and need.

Our work on market development draws heavily from our development and use of coproduction and plays a key role in a range of projects including work in Hertfordshire on community support and day services, support to radically change local services under Transforming Care and our new programme on reimagining daytime support.