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Green Light Toolkit

Auditing and improving your mental health service so that it is effective in supporting autistic people and people with learning disabilities.

The Green Light Toolkit is a free resource which includes an online audit framework and toolkit. It will allow you to effectively benchmark your service and make informed decisions about where you can make improvements.

Access the Green Light Toolkit and register to use the online survey tools.

To use the online survey tools, you will need at least six team members to answer the audit questions independently. Offline tools are available to download too.

For more information and an overview of materials, access the toolkit above. Then click onto 'info' on the top left. In this menu you will find information on how to use the toolkit and a summary of the process.

The first edition of this toolkit was commissioned in 2004 by the Department of Health. In 2013 it was revised with a focus on supporting mental health services, followed by some small updates in 2017.

This version, commissioned by NHS England, was re-written in 2022 to pay more attention to the importance of creating accessible environments for people with sensory differences, offer a wider choice of survey questions and create an online analysis option. It was published as part of a wider NHS England sensory friendly resource pack. The 10 sensory friendly ward principles are based on our It's not Rocket Science report, which is referenced in the new resource pack.

Green light toolkit

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