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Change for Inclusion

A programme to refocus the system for children and young people with SEND.

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Change for Inclusion

This is a timely and exciting opportunity to review your SEND systems to ensure you are building a system of belonging for all Children and Young People with additional needs.

Change for Inclusion is a programme of tailored support for your local area to develop your SEND inclusion plan, policy, strategy, and practice to transform and refocus your SEND system. The programme includes a range of activity based on local evidence over a two-to-three-year timeframe, codesigning a framework for inclusion and what belonging means in practise for your local area.

You may be a local area SEND team looking to understand what your next steps are to develop SEND services for the children and young people in your area. You may be a SEND team who knows the changes you want to make and are looking for support to make those plans a reality. Whether you are responding to local area inspection or seeking support to invest national funding for change, Change for Inclusion can support you take the next step.

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