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Ageing and Older People

Our vision

  •    As we age, we live the life we want to live

  •    We feel valued, connected, safe and well

  •    If/when we need it, we can choose the support that’s right for us

  •    We are treated by others for who we are (not how long we have lived)

Ageing and Older People

What we do:

Our work focuses on four key areas that we know are important to us to have a good life as we age:

  • Meaningful connections and relationships

           For example:       Campaign to End Loneliness evaluation
                                       AgeUK Doncaster Community Circles evaluation

  • Health and wellbeing, particularly our mental health

           For example:       Age Equality Toolkit                                      

  • Support that helps us thrive

           For example:       Time to Connect
                                       Rural Wisdom evaluation
                                       Age Friendly Island evaluation
                                       Not a one way street 
                                       Two-Way Streets
                                       Widening support options

  • Homes and communities where we belong

           For example:      Housing Round Table
                                      Time to Connect
                                      Rural Wisdom evaluation

How we do this:

We find out what’s important to people

In partnership with older people and those who support them, we identify priorities and find creative solutions to local problems. Our approach is underpinned by a wealth of specialist knowledge and robust evidence.

We build evidence and insights through research, evaluation and our demonstration projects to broaden this picture, we want to share what we know about what works/doesn’t work across our priority areas.

We promote and enable co-production

Through our toolkits and practical support/consultancy, we help providers, commissioners, communities and anyone else, to hear from people who are moving into and through later life, to find out what lives they want to live and to help in making that happen.

We work in partnerships across sectors and at all levels

Working together is key. We love to collaborate with others who have the same passion and energy making lives better. We want to hear from anyone who is interested in what we do and to find out ways of working together to achieve our vision. Please contact us.

We offer support and development to the people that want to see change

We deliver programmes to upskill people from leaders to frontline staff, who’s responsibility it is to enable people to live the life they want. This includes person centre approaches, inclusion, building resilience, housing and support rights and leadership.

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