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CAIRO: What's your response to risk?

A free self-assessment toolkit to help you assess and manage your team's response to risk.

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Teams vary in their response to risk, even when you are following the same policies and supporting similar people.

Response to risk is affected by a number of factors, some of which are within the power of the team and some of which are not. Where the risk climate is poor, growth and inclusion are often blocked.

A team cannot control events that happen elsewhere, but they can learn lessons from holding on to positive risk-taking practices.

CAIRO helps your team to recognise the factors that affect your risk climate.

How does it work?

Our free self-assessment toolkit includes a staff survey that you control.

You can see your team’s average score and benchmark it against a chosen comparator to assess how you are doing.

Armed with the results and a resource file of ideas, you can take ownership of your team culture and build an action plan for change. Establishing and maintaining a positive risk climate will make sure that you manage risk and promote opportunity for the people you support.

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