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100 Days for Inclusion

NDTi has put together a new programme that helps local areas to develop policy, strategy and practice to transform and refocus their SEND system.

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What is 100 Days for Inclusion?

A new programme of tailored development training and support for local areas. The programme includes 100 days of activity over a 3-year timeframe, giving your setting a framework for inclusion and what it means in practice.

Why is 100 Days for Inclusion needed?

We believe that many education providers are failing to meet their legal duties under the equalities act with regard to disabled children and young people. We base our belief on evidence that shows:

  • The number of children and young people with EHC plans or statements has increased by 35% in five years. In the same time the number being educated in special schools and colleges rose by 24%.

  • Appeals to the SEND tribunal are increasing.

  • The number of children with special needs and no school place has more than quadrupled in eight years.

It is vital to build understanding of children’s human rights to inclusive education and how this is beneficial for all. We can help to refocus the SEND System!

Who should get involved?

100 Days for Inclusion is suitable for all education providers, including single and multi-academy trusts, and other organisations who work with children and young people with SEND (e.g. health and social care).


Please see ‘Related Downloads’ for the Programme Outline and Flyer. If you are interested in transforming your SEND system with 100 Days for Inclusion or have any questions about the programme, Julie Pointer (Programme Lead for Children and Young People) would be delighted to hear from you: | 01225 255 268.

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