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Advocacy Awareness Week 2022

Upholding Human Rights through independent advocacy

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This year's 5th annual Advocacy Awareness Week (#AAW22) takes place from 7th -11th November 2022.

This year's theme will show how advocates support people in relation to their human rights; each day will shine a light on an element of the Human Rights Act and what this means for each of us in our lives.

The week-long campaign is coordinated by the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) and this year is supported by The British Institute for Human Rights, as well as by independent advocacy providers across the UK.

Human rights are basic rights everyone can expect, and public authorities have a legal duty to respect and protect them. Protecting Human Rights should run through all care and support services, ensuring people are involved in decisions about their care.

Advocates have a key role in supporting people to understand and access their human rights, ensuring these are respected and upheld by public bodies, as well as raising concerns and challenges when people's rights are under threat or at risk.

We want to make sure people know about independent advocacy and how it can help people secure their rights. We also want to remind commissioners why good quality independent advocacy is essential to people in our communities.

Advocacy Awareness Week is an opportunity to celebrate great advocacy and share stories about the power and impact advocacy can have in upholding people's rights.

What happens if someone finds it harder to express their views and communicate their wishes or if they're in a complex situation?

In certain circumstances, people can access the support of an independent advocate. Advocates have a key role in supporting people to understand and secure their human rights. Advocates are there to listen to what's important to and for people, support people to understand their rights and the different options they may have to ensure their rights are upheld. Advocates will support people to communicate their views and wishes to health and social care providers and to professionals in public services.

Daily Themes

Monday Right to life. Examples can include neglect or abuse in care settings that puts your life at risk or professionals withdrawing or refusing treatment because you have a disability.

Tuesday Right to be safe from inhuman or degrading treatment. This can include serious harm from a lack of care or support, severe abuse or ill-treatment by others. Public services staff must protect you from serious harm.

Wednesday Right to liberty. This looks at restriction of movement. Restrictions must be lawful, for a good reason and the least restrictive option.

Thursday Right to respect for private and family life. Some examples are being involved in decisions about your life, care and treatment, staying in contact with loved ones and maintaining wellbeing.

Friday Right to be free from discrimination. This can protect you from being treated worse that other people, for example because of your race or having a disability. This right has to link to your other Human Rights.

The following links from The British Institute of Human Rights provide more information about each right:

Right to life

Easy Read Right to Life

Right to be safe from inhuman or degrading treatment

Easy Read Right to be safe from inhuman or degrading treatment

Right to liberty

Easy Read Right to liberty

Right to respect for private and family life

Easy Read Right to respect for private and family life

Right to be treated fairly

Easy Read Right to be treated fairly

Join the conversation on social media using the following hashtags: #AAW22 #HearMyVoice #HumanRightsAdvocacy #AdvocacyinAction #SelfAdvocacyWorks

Story templates to help share your story can be found here

We have Easy Read guides about Advocacy Awareness Week and how to take part

Find out more about Advocacy and Voice here: Advocacy and Voice - NDTi

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