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Report Image Resources : "It's Not Rocket Science"

The following images have been developed by Artist Sam Chown-Ahern to illustrate the Report : "It's Not Rocket Science" Considering Sensory Needs of Children and Young People in CAHMS Hospitals. Quotes are taken from the paper.

To download an image right click the image and then select download or save as and then save on your machine. When sharing, please credit the artist and link back to this page so that people can see the context.

You can also download the images in a PDF here

Artist: Sam Chown-Ahern

Bright Lights in Hospital

“To have had my needs as an autistic person met would have made my experience quite different. Being overwhelmed from being on the unit exacerbated my mental state and mental distress so I was probably there for longer than I would have been there otherwise.” Emily

Noise has a massive impact

“The smell of cleaning products tipped me into sensory overload. It would be good to swap these for products that don’t smell.” Jamie

Smell and Cleaning Products

“If someone is autistic, they should get a sensory assessment. It was so important for me to understand myself and how I regulate. I’m a big OT advocate.”


Self Regulation

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