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Image Resources: "It's Not Rocket Science"

The following images have been developed by Artist Tomos Percy to support the Report : "It's Not Rocket Science" Considering Sensory Needs of Children and Young People in CAHMs Hospitals. Quotes are taken from the paper.

To download an image right click the image and then select download or save as and then save on your machine. When sharing, please credit the artist and link back to this page so that people can see the context.

You can also download the images in a PDF here

Artist: Tomos Percy

A Functional Space

“Small changes that can easily be made to accommodate autism really do add up and can transform a young person’s experience of being in hospital. It really can make all the difference.”

Beth W

Everything Where it Needs to Be

“To have my needs met as an autistic person would have transformed my experience in hospital. The sensory input added to my emotional dysregulation. I couldn’t engage with all the therapy on offer because of the added distress. Small changes would have made a big difference.”


Rating Factory

“Not responding to sensory needs is like not putting ramps in for someone in a wheelchair. When the environment and support is right the issues that come up are more likely to be mental health related – stuff that you’re actually in hospital for.”


A Strange Model

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