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Inclusion in Secondary & Further Education

This online session took place during NDTi’s Inclusive Education Festival, 15-19 March 2021. During the week, there were eight sessions to showcase great stories where inclusion really works and what needs to happen to ensure a more inclusive society.

Chaired by Pat Bullen, in this session we hear from:

  • Sarah Le-Good, Derby College Group. Sarah has worked tirelessly to ensure that ALL students are welcomed in the college. Sarah took part in NDTi’s SEND Leadership Programme in 2018. She has worked with the Education and Training Foundation and is one of three colleges leading on communities of practice, Centres of Excellence. Derby College Group work with inclusion allies - young people, their support teams, teachers, leaders and businesses - to help deliver excellent personalised inclusive curriculum in all Post 16 settings.
  • Marian Stanton, (Managing Director) Communication and Learning Enterprises. CandLE provide support to schools to enable children and young people to use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). CandLE works across the country with a number of schools. In this session, Marion and her colleague, Catia Pedrosa, talk about their work with Impington Village College, a secondary school in Cambridge. Leah Cooper from the school talks about how they endeavour to imbue a strong community ethos and are committed to the wider community in which they live and work. The school expects everyone to aspire to be the best they can be, to promote global citizenship, and to strive to be caring and well-rounded individuals. The school is fully accessible to students with mobility impairments.

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As this is a recording of a live, online session, the sound and picture quality may vary. To ensure quick sharing of the recordings, captions have not been added yet. If you require a transcript, please email

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