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The Creativity Group

Over the past two years, the Time to Talk Next Steps programme has developed different groups and online sessions. The Creativity Group is the newest one.

Creativity Group

What is the Creativity Group?

As the Time to Talk Next Steps programme enters its third year we are excited to share new about this new online group, for young people aged between 16 and 25 with additional needs.

Its a safe space to be… creative,

It’s going to be fun and run from the 7th of November every week from 5pm to 6pm to the 12th of December.

The aim of the group is to be… creative!

Every week we will be learning something new - a different way to be. You can see Jon and Grace talking about the plan for this new group here -

We will practice together, share our ideas and skills in our session then throughout the week we encourage everyone to have a go and come back at the following session to share.

  • There is no pressure to share your creativity.
  • We don’t compare or judge - Because we know, comparison kills creativity.
  • We celebrate our differences
  • We appreciate what we have done.

We want to develop a final exhibition in May 2024 which will show all the wonderful things people have created.

How do I get involved?

Let your Supporter know you want to get creative and we will invite you into the group and send you a zoom link.

If you are reading this after December 12th but you want to be creative don’t worry – there is lots of time to do more with us. Talk to your Supporter.

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