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Coproduction is about people, communities and services/organisations working together to create opportunities and solve problems. 

Done well, it has the potential to radically change how we make decisions and plan, deliver and review services and community supports.

We have worked alongside a range of community members (including people with learning disabilities, older people, people with life limiting conditions and children) and with all types of services (including health, social care, education, service providers and user led organisations) to develop skills and processes to engage people in and deliver results from coproduction.

The NDTi has lead a number of projects and publications on coproduction.


  • In Hertfordshire we have been working on behalf of the local authority, older people, people with learning disabilities and community members to coproduce a vision and delivery plan with for day time supports. This includes how the authority should invest its day services and community development budgets.
  • On behalf of NHS Eastern Region, we supported a major exploration into the use and possibilities of coproduction for people using health services. The project included supporting coproduction with people with mental health problems, people with neurological conditions, people with life-limiting illnesses and people with learning disabilities. The project also included and action learning programme drawing together coproduction leaders from the health, social care and third sector.
  • Believing that coproduction can be central to the wholescale redesign of huge areas of health and social care, we are using it in the development and review of major programmes of work including Community Led Support and the forthcoming reimagining of day time supports.

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