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Alliance Commissioning

Evidence on alliance contracts, highlight the central importance of developing strong, open relationships across the system in delivering successful outcomes.

NDTi has a long track record in supporting areas to build collaborative relationships, shared vision and a commitment to action that leads to real change and better outcomes for people.

There are a number of areas in which our expertise relates to key aspects of alliance contracting, these include:

  • Supporting and maintaining coproduction with people with lived experience, carers and other partners
    We design and develop sustainable skills and processes to engage people, including those who are seldom heard, to deliver and embed results from coproduction. We are experts in using workshops, learning sets, and other creative methodologies to ensure all voices are heard and valued. At the same time, we recognise and consider the challenges of new ways of working, new styles of contracting, alliances within competitive markets and structural inequalities. We use our extensive national and local knowledge and relationships to support partnerships and collaboratives to develop and flourish longer term so that initiatives sustain and evolve.
  • Building a shared vision for working collaboratively, with principles and agreed outcomes
    We work with community, commissioning and provider organisations and partnerships to help them develop and clarify their future visions and to develop strategies to deliver those visions. We are skilled in helping partners to achieve consensus on values, vision and priorities for change across stakeholder groups, and in encouraging a commitment to action. We offer a range of tools and approaches that enable clients to build confidence and capacity to deliver.
  • Sharing and building on our knowledge and experience of best practice
    Involvement of people with lived experience has been an essential principle in our work and practice for many years. We use learning from our knowledge and experience of involvement, to help identify what works - building on strengths - and common hurdles and how to overcome them.
  • Leadership
    A large amount of NDTi’s work is about helping organisations and systems to develop and improve their overall leadership approach to deliver better outcomes for people.Our focus is on the skills, behaviours and resilience needed to achieve and sustain change in a complex, unpredictable, and financially pressurised environment.
  • Evaluating impact
    We have a track record in undertaking complex evaluations of national, regional and local initiatives to find out what works for people, organisations, teams and the system as a whole. We are committed to sharing our evaluation expertise and findings with clients so that they can develop their own evaluation methodologies and continue to learn from their own experience.

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