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The Core Principles of Co-Production

The core principles of co-production as described by the Social Care Institute for Excellence.

1. Equality – co-production starts from the idea that no one group or person is more important than any other group or person. So everyone is equal and everyone has assets to bring to the process.

2. Diversity – diversity and inclusion are important values in co-production. This can be challenging but it is important that co-production projects are pro-active about diversity.

3. Accessibility – access needs to be recognised as a fundamental principle of co-production as the process needs to be accessible if everyone is going to take part on an equal basis. Accessibility is about ensuring that everyone has the same opportunity to take part in an activity fully, in the way that suits them best.

4. Reciprocity – ‘reciprocity’ is a key concept in co-production. It has been defined as ensuring that people receive something back for putting something in, and building on people’s desire to feel needed and valued.

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