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Coproduction in Mental Health Toolkit

The resources within the toolkit are aimed at everyone with a practical interest in making coproduction work in mental health services. It is particularly designed for those at the frontline such as mental health service users, carers and their organisations as well as practitioners and managers who want to engage with and understand transformative coproduction.

The materials have been written in collaboration with service users and their organisations, NHS mental health practitioners and those working in community-based mental health organisations and initiatives.

This toolkit includes a:

Co-production in mental health is about progression towards ‘the transformation of power and control’ (Slay & Stephens, 2013). It requires thinking about people, power, partnerships, resources and risk in ways that are very different to what has gone before in mental health services. It implies relocating power to mental health service users, survivors, their organisations and communities and this has implications for services and practitioners. To ensure full collaboration, the co-production process should achieve equality and parity between all those involved. Change happens during the process of co-production as well as being a consequence of it. There is no single, universal model of co-production and the way co-production is done is specific to the task, context and the people involved, so this is not a ‘how to’ guide. Instead the aim is to set out some practice-based advice on what needs to be considered for progressing towards ‘transformative co-production’, specifically in mental health. The advice within this toolkit is presented as ‘steps’, illustrated by practice lessons from what a number of different people and organisations in the field have tried and tested. The guide also includes three case studies from different mental health settings drawn from the practice examples.

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