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12 Days of Human Rights

Starting on World Human Rights Day, 10 December 2023, our festive campaign features the 12 days of human rights.

Human rights are non-negotiable and make sure that people are treated with dignity, respect, fairness and have a say over matters that affect their lives.

12 days of human rights
12 days of human rights. Human rights are for everyone, defined by law, a duty for those with public power.. NDTi logo and an image of a tree made up of 12 stars and supported by a pair of hands.

At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to uphold, protect, and promote people’s human rights.

Human rights belong to all of us. When they are not met, it is everyone's responsibility to speak up and ask that the law is followed.

  • Day 1: World Human Rights Day

  • Day 2: Person centred planning starts with the person, not a plan

  • Day 3: Small Supports

  • Day 4: Time to Talk Next Steps

  • Day 5: Leadership programmes

  • Day 6: Human rights in advocacy

  • Day 7: Older People's Sounding Board

  • Day 8: Community Led Support

  • Day 9: Housing choice

  • Day 10: Internships Work

  • Day 11: What does human rights mean to the NDTi team?

  • Day 12: Driving change

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