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Lucie Chiocchetti, Communications Officer Internships Work

Lucie Chiocchetti

Lucie joined NDTi in 2022, as the communications lead for the Internships Work programme.

With a background in graphic design, creative direction and marketing strategy, Lucie has over seven years' experience in brand and marketing strategy.

Lucie always had a strong sense of justice and wanted her work to have an impact on making the world more equitable, inclusive and ethical and ran her own business for over four years, where she was deliberately supporting ‘positive impact’ businesses (companies whose end goals are to positively impact our society/environment with the services/products they provide or the way they offer them) with their brand and marketing.

As she recently discovered she was neurodivergent (autistic and ADHD), she more than ever wants to be part of change for inclusion. She says ‘working with NDTi was a once in a lifetime opportunity I could not take the risk to miss!’

Outside of her role at NDTi, Lucie started a non-profit organisation, supporting local neurodivergent adults with community-led advocacy work, peer-support programmes and regular social events.

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