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The Costs and Benefits of Time to Talk Next Steps

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Time to Talk Next Steps (TtTNS) is a three-year programme (2021 – 2024) supporting young people aged 16-25 with additional needs in England.

The programme helps young people make plans for the future and feel more socially connected and confident through bespoke rights-based support.

This report examines the costs and benefits of TtTNS.

It highlights the programme’s positive and life changing outcomes for young people:

  • Increased confidence and independence
  • Moving forward and making their own contributions to society
  • Relying less on statutory support and/or services

While the programme's primary goal isn't about saving public funds, the report highlights substantial potential savings of nearly £60,000 resulting from a £9,000 investment.

The case studies of three young people are featured. Each outlines specific challenges, the bespoke support provided and the resulting positive impact on their lives.

The analysis brings together the fiscal calculations of support costs before, during and after TtTNS. We also consider the social and economic benefits such as improved health and educational attainment and reduced crime. Although a full cost-benefit analysis is limited, the case studies provide valuable evidence.

In conclusion, the report recommends expanding similar support programmes across England.

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