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Peer Support

Over the past two years, the Time to Talk Next Steps programme has developed different groups and online sessions. Fortnightly Peer Support Sessions is one of them.

Peer Support

What are Peer Support Sessions?

These are regular zoom sessions. They are every two weeks on a Wednesday evening 7-8pm

Sessions are relaxed and are to help you connect with other young people in a safe space online.

We usually start with a mood board. You can talk, use chat or just listen in.

You do not have to have your camera on.

Young people share their news, do online fun quizzes and chat about their ideas, successes and challenges. Sometimes we organise for someone to come and talk about a topic that young people have asked about.

Do the same people come each time?

The number of people who come varies depending on what people are up to. Some people attend regularly, and new people join throughout the year. For this reason, the group is sometimes the same and sometimes different.

How do I get started?

Let your Supporter know you’d like to try the Peer Support Group. You will be sent an email invitation and a zoom link to join us.

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