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The need for a Bespoke Solution - Small, local, bespoke, and person-centred support solutions

Small, local, bespoke, and person-centred support solutions for people in secure, forensic, and mental health in-patient units

March 2024

This page has been put together following meetings and workshops held at the beginning of 2024; these meetings including a face-to-face workshop hosted by NHS England with people from NHS England, DHSC, DfE, MoJ, CQC and OFSTED, all centre on the need to develop bespoke, person-centred, local and small support organisations provision. This work crosses over many different pieces of work - at the centre of which is ‘Transforming Care’; work is all ages with a focus on those already placed in or at risk of being placed in secure, forensic and mental health in-patient institutions.

This page is a simple reference page bringing together work, information, and research linked to the work of the programme over the past four years. Follow the highlighted links to view and find out more:

The Small Supports programme (our home page)

What are Small Supports?

Growing Small Supports Organisations Webinar 2023 - an online introduction with Dave Barras, Chief Executive of Positive Support for You

Article Community Living, Summer 2023 ‘Small supports, big difference’

Lunchtime Sessions – Introducing and sharing work to develop small support organisations; a programme of one-hour discussions February - June 2024

Our Autumn Programme of Lunchtime Sessions: Staffing Small Supports, Economic Impact, A Living Library

Research – Never giving up on anyone – Workforce and Small Supports Organisations

Research – A hole in my bucket – Economic Impact of Investment in Small Support Organisations

Research – The costs and benefits of Small Support organisations in England


Positive Support for You

Beyond Limits


For further information, please email Nic Crosby, Delivery Lead, Small Supports and Bespoke Support, NDTi –

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