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Coronavirus and people with learning disabilities

A study of the lives of people with learning disabilities through the coronavirus pandemic

UK Research and Innovation funded a study to find out the experiences of the coronavirus pandemic for people with learning disabilities. The research was being led by Professor Richard Hastings (University of Warwick) and Professor Chris Hatton (Manchester Metropolitan University).

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The researchers wanted to talk to 1000 adults with a learning disability across the UK to ask about their experiences. They wanted to hear from 500 family carers or paid support staff of adults with a learning disability who needed someone else to answer the questions on their behalf. You can find out what the research found here and there are also easy read reports. Based on the findings, we have written a Policy Brief for England which can be found here along with some videos and voice recordings giving different perspectives of the findings.

Principal Investigators and Co-investigators: Prof Chris Hatton (Manchester Metropolitan University); Prof Richard Hastings (University of Warwick); Prof David Abbott (University of Bristol); Dr Stephen Beyer (Cardiff University); Dr Jill Bradshaw (University of Kent); Dr Nick Gore (University of Kent); Prof Pauline Heslop (University of Bristol); Prof Andrew Jahoda (University of Glasgow); Anna Marriott (National Development Team for Inclusion); Dr Katrina Scior (UCL); Dr Laurence Taggart (University of Ulster); Dr Stuart Todd (University of South Wales)

Third Sector participants: All Wales Forum of Parents and Carers of People with Learning Disabilities; Learning Disability Wales; All Wales People First; Positive Futures; Mencap Northern Ireland; CAN N Ireland; Scottish Commission for Learning Disability; Promoting A More Inclusive Society (PAMIS); Learning Disability England; PMLD Link.

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