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Vlog Series: Time to Talk with Jon & Barry

Jon Ralphs and Barry Jones reflect on Time to Talk and share valuable insights about how they approached their 1-2-1, online sessions to best support young people at a challenging time.

Time to Talk started in September 2020 in response to the anxiety and uncertainty the pandemic caused for young people with additional needs. The project offers participants free, strength-based support to counter social isolation and provide motivation to make plans for the future. Jon and Barry have made this vlog series to share their learning about having good conversations online.

1. INTENTIONS | What are they when you meet with young people and why are they so important?

2. WHAT MATTERS | It's not what’s the matter with you, it’s what matters to you.

3. ASSUMPTIONS | Be curious!

4. APPRECIATION | Being strength based and the difference between praise and appreciation.

5. AUTHENCITY | Be yourself and share yourself. Reflections and some other top tips.

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