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The British Institute for Human Rights, Alliance

The British Institute for Human Rights

The BIHR provide people with authoritative and accessible information about human rights:

  • Helping to make sense of the law, including the Human Rights Act, the European Convention on Human Rights and the Court.
  • The history - where our rights came from - and the future of human rights protection here in the UK

They are experts on human rights law and translating what this means for people in their everyday lives:

  • Blogging about legal developments and what they mean in practice outside of the courtrooms
  • Producing policy and legal briefings to shine a human rights spotlight on issues such as access to justice, education in schools and the Mid-Staffordshire hospital scandal
  • Campaigning to ensure people have access to the protections in the Human Rights Act and European Convention on Human Rights
  • Media commentary on important issues, especially where human rights may have been overlooked

The BIHR support people working on policy and practice in public services and voluntary organisations to integrate human rights into their work:

  • Providing training and consultancy services to the public, private and third sector
  • Working with public services to develop human rights approaches in their work through our projects
  • Helping community groups to advocate for people’s human rights without going to court through our project
  • Coordinating our Human Rights Alliance bringing organisations together to show the value of our human rights laws

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