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Learning Disability England, Partner Organisation

Learning Disability England

Learning Disability England brings together people with learning disabilities, families and friends and organisations so that we can do more and shout louder.

Some of Learning Disability England’s key priorities are as follows:

  • Putting people with learning disabilities first – in everything we do and how we are run.
  • Being challenging – when it comes to what people with learning disabilities and families want, need and have a right to.
  • Working together – with people with learning disabilities, families, professionals, organisations and the government to achieve better lives for people with learning disabilities.
  • Being empowering – by making sure our members have power and can act on behalf of Learning Disability England with confidence and clarity.
  • Being creative and trying new things – by thinking differently about how we can solve problems and not being afraid to get it wrong sometimes.

Our former Chief Executive, Rob Greig, was elected onto the Learning Disability England board to represent Organisations and Professionals. See the announcement here.

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