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Rabab Jafar, Programme Coordinator – Internships Work

Rabab Jafar

Rabab supports the effective implementation of Internships Work, which is funded by the Department for Education and is enabling 4500 young adults, aged 16-25 with additional needs, to benefit from a supported internship per year by 2025.

Rabab brings a diverse range of experience. Rabab taught and worked in curriculum development for children from historically disadvantaged communities in formal and non-formal learning environments in Pakistan. She also worked in disability inclusion in Pakistan to improve representation of people with disabilities (PWDs) within the national database that would improve the provision of state policies and benefits for PWDs.

Rabab believes in the power of working with communities to ensure no one is left behind.

When she’s not at work, Rabab can be found looking up tickets for travelling and concerts (mostly both together :D).

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