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George Evans, Research and Evaluation Assistant

George Evans

George joined NDTi as a Research and Evaluation Assistant in autumn 2023. His intersectional mindset is at the core of his approach to research and evaluation and he is experienced in researching human rights and inclusivity in national and international contexts.

He holds a BA in History from Durham University, in which he specialised in Sub-Saharan African socio-political discourse, and an MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies from Oxford University. Through these endeavours, he developed a passion for using research to build inclusive spaces and foster dialogues which strengthen support for those at risk of exclusion. He joined NDTi having volunteered in equality and inclusion organisations as a student, advocating for and working with those at risk of exclusion due to their disabilities, race, sexuality, gender identity and immigration status.

George is particularly keen on developing participatory methods, applying his experience working in methodological design in international NGOs to his work at NDTi.

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