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Carly Urbanski, Development Lead Ageing and Older People

Carly Urbanski

Carly’s work involves creating spaces within existing structures to make sure the voices of older people are influencing change where it’s needed. She works with a wide range of organisations to give them confidence to work with older people and make changes at a strategic level.

Her Masters Degree really helped shape her work: “I truly believe that what we do needs to be evidence based and focus on the experiences of real people in the community.”

Carly’s previous experience has seen her working across and leading a number of programmes in the South West. This has covered tackling isolation and loneliness and influencing change on the delivery and funding of evidence-based prevention initiatives.

As a ‘New Yorker’ growing up in the USA, it sounds a cliché, but Carly loves pizza in every way, shape and form!

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