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Alice McColl, Development Lead, Children and Young People

Alice McColl

Alice joined the NDTi staff team in 2019. She has 20 years of leadership experience in the public and voluntary sector. As strategic commissioner for children and families services she led on sector wide reviews, re-commissioning and quality assurance of play and family support services, early years specialist education, alternative education provision, short breaks for disabled children and therapeutic interventions for children with social and emotional issues in both early years and education.

With a background in play development Alice is passionate about inclusive community-based work with children and young people. As a champion of mental health and wellbeing, she sees play in children and adults lives as a vital part of creating inclusive communities. As an experienced trainer Alice believes strongly that staff and volunteers need consistent support, recognition and training to make sure that children and young peoples can take part in activities that are truly accessible, sustainable and above all good fun. She has designed training and support programmes for staff, parents and peer mentors to feel confident in their roles and well equipped to work in a responsive way with children and young people with a wide range of needs whilst always building on their strengths. Her work includes partnerships with public health, VCS, sport/leisure, parks, planning departments and housing to establish exciting community projects for children and young people.

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