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Susie Fothergill, Associate

Susie Fothergill

Suzie is an inspirational woman and leader, and a mother of two adults. She also has learning disabilities.

In her younger years, Suzie lived in institutions and experienced bad treatment. It was this dark time which inspired Suzie to work for justice for others.

Suzie now works for Skills for People. She and the team created Quality Checkers. She has trained hundreds of people with learning disabilities to work as Quality Checkers and is now the chairperson of the national Association of Quality Checkers.

Suzie has worked with a local mental health trust to create Mindfulness for Life. This was the first programme of its kind helping people with learning disabilities to practise mindfulness: it is changing lives!

Suzie’s public speaking is passionate, human, and funny, and has been the highlight of many conferences across the country. She is a great friend and a great champion for people’s rights, and she is not deterred by titles or importance.

Suzie has encouraged many others to have the confidence to follow in her footsteps, taking up roles of leadership. Suzie has turned her bad experiences into something positive, inspiring people all over the country’.

Her kindness, humour and strong beliefs make a lasting impression on others, changing hearts and minds, and bringing people together to try and make the world a better place.

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