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Sarah Watts, Associate

Sarah Watts

I have worked in higher education for over 20 years, primarily specialising in career development and employability, with a particular interest in improving the graduate employability outcomes of under-represented and at-risk groups.

I am experienced in developing, delivering, and evaluating large-scale career development and employability programmes. I have chaired the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) Skills Award Task Group, written for publications, and presented at conferences on best practice in the employability programme sector. I have designed, taught and assessed employability skills modules in higher education.

I’ve had successes in digital experience strategies, including: digital transformation projects, service design, e-learning and information provision, and the use of client stories to enhance engagement in services.

My professional interests are working to create inclusive employability and lifewide career learning programmes that encourage and empower an individual to fulfil their career ambitions with meaningful employment.

I am also a parent two amazing children. One of my boys has additional needs and we are navigating the assessment process for diagnosis and associated support.

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