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John Hersov, Associate

John Hersov

John Hersov has worked extensively in the field of Advocacy for people who have learning disabilities for almost 40 years as an independent freelance consultant and facilitator.

His speciality has been to work with people with learning disabilities, exploring together the ways they would like to see things develop and change in their own lives, and identifying the most effective (formal and informal) organisational structures for these views to be represented.

He has been involved with the development of the self advocacy movement in the UK since the early 1980s. This included supporting the Mencap London Division Participation Forum from 1982 -1990 which ran conferences and circulated videos of their work around the country; being one of the co-supporters of London People First from its beginnings in 1984; and facilitating self advocacy workshops and conferences across the UK for more than 20 years.

From 1981 -1998, his spiritual home was the City Lit Adult Education Institute in Central London where he taught "Speaking Up" classes for adults with learning difficulties, which now feel like "a conversation about life that lasted 18 years!" From time to time in his current work around London, John encounters former students for the first time in 20+ years. They usually remember each other, in a good way!

He has worked with statutory and voluntary organisations at a national and local level -in adult social care, social services, housing, health, education and self advocacy. The work has included staff training, supporting service user involvement, working with community based groups, chairing advisory groups and conferences, supporting the work of Partnership Boards, producing reports and contributions for publication.

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