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Cally Ward, Associate

Cally Ward

Cally has worked with people with learning disabilities and their families over the last thirty years in a number of capacities, including Local Authority Social Services, health services, higher education and the voluntary sector.

In 1990 Cally developed and ran the first joint professional degree programme in England; where students qualified as both social workers and learning disability nurses.

Cally also co-ordinated a three-year project on older people with learning disabilities and wrote the publication 'Positive Futures: Meeting the Aged Related Needs of People with Learning Disabilities' in 1998.

She is currently in the process of updating this book.

Cally has been a member of the Valuing People Support Team since 2002; first as the Regional Advisor in the West Midlands and currently as the National Lead for Family Carers.

Cally is the mother of a 37 year-old man with learning disabilities. He, his friends and their families have inspired and motivated all her work.

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