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Completing the second Inclusion Web

What is the purpose?
The whole point is to support the person to reflect on what real changes have happened in their life, especially in the places they go and the people they have got to know in that time. We hope that isolated people will make more connections, that people who have a very small map of places that they go will be a bit more adventurous, and people will keep hold of the community places and community people that they value. Comparing the first Inclusion Web with the second one will highlight those changes.

​Time interval between first and second Inclusion Webs

Whilst completing the first Inclusion Web, you should have agreed a date to create a second Inclusion Web, the 'Time 2' Web. It will normally be three to six months after you did the first one - the time interval will vary according to the expected pace of change, but some degree of consistency where possible between people will make the results more comparable.

Don't work 'blind'
When completing the second Inclusion Web, the person and the supporter should look closely at the first Inclusion Web they drew up together. This will ensure consistency – any activities or people that could have been placed in one segment or another will be put in the same place unless there has been real change in the nature or location of the relationship. The second Inclusion Web will then show real changes (if any) that have taken place in the intervening period.

The process is then just the same you used for completing the first Inclusion Web.


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