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Do people like using it?

​Responses to completing the Inclusion Web can vary from person to person. Some people consider that this information is an intimate matter and feel vulnerable and exposed. Others like the visual representation and enjoy speaking about themselves with the help of this format. Yet others begin by asserting that they have few connections but gradually find that the Inclusion Web prompts them to realise that their life is fuller than they had initially thought.

Some comments we have had from people both using the Inclusion Web and supporting others to do this include:
“it’s useful visually… helped magnify the activity in my life… it’s helpful when you’re struggling… you see your capabilities and hope for the future… it helped prevent work taking over my life.”
“I am finding it to be such a useful tool and clients love it. It is so visual and goal orientated.”
“People who have difficulty with writing find the graphic format helpful.”

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