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Youth Social Action

Embedding inclusive practices in opportunities for youth social action

NDTi worked with #iwill and the Pears Foundation to review and learn from approaches that enable all young people to fully participate in youth social action. The study began in late May 2014, and was part of the campaign’s portfolio of work on inclusion which seeks to inform the on-going work of partners and others involved in youth social action.

The final report has now been published, sharing the lessons and findings from a study of the evidence about “what works” in enabling the full participation of children and young people who risk being excluded from opportunities for youth social action.

The main outcome of this study is a set of evidence based lessons and practices that #iwill campaign partners can use to embed inclusion within everything they do – in the design and delivery of opportunities for youth social action, in supporting all young people to fully participate in those opportunities and in evaluating the outcomes and impact of that support.

It’s important to get the message out there about what young people are doing and what opportunities there are
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This report has been published as part of the #iwill anniversary celebrations, as a resource for campaign partners to help embed inclusive approaches and practices in national and local opportunities for youth social action. To help #iwill campaign partners think about, adopt and promote the findings and the Inclusive Youth Action resource in their own organisations and beyond we have recommended five areas for action to make inclusion in youth action a reality for all young people.

Five Areas for Action

1. Embed inclusive practices in everything you do
2. Facilitate access to different types of support
3. Create inclusive cultures through enabling attitudes and behaviours
4. Focus on organisational resourcefulness not resources
5. Promote and encourage inclusive practices to ensure their adoption

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