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Understanding Your Local Authority's Role in Supported Internships

Local Authorities (LAs) play a crucial role in supporting young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) as they transition from education to employment. Here's what young people and their families need to know about their LA's role.

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Participation in the Internships Work Programme:

  • Every local authority in England is part of the Internships Work programme, which aims to increase the number of Supported Internships to 4,500 by March 2025 across England.

Formation of Employment Forums:

  • In each local authority area, an employment forum is established to oversee this work. These forums bring together individuals responsible for promoting employment opportunities and supporting young people in their employment journey after education.

Local Authority's Responsibilities:

  • Local authorities have several key responsibilities, including planning and using the Internships Work grant effectively.
  • They appoint individuals to lead the programme and develop an action plan to guide their efforts.
  • Setting up an employment forum with clear terms of reference.
  • Ensuring that the forum includes representatives from the SEND and employment world to support young people into work effectively. The forum will also include young people and parent carer voices.

The Role of the Employment Forum:

  • Employment forums are dynamic working groups actively involved in delivering the action plan.
  • The local authority builds a strong partnership to ensure forum members understand their objectives, contributions, and the programme's long-term sustainability.
  • Forums should consider the needs of all young people with additional needs, including care leavers and those facing other disadvantages.

The Action Plan:

  • The Internships Work action plan includes twelve predefined outcomes, each led by designated individuals or teams within the forum.
  • These outcomes are evidence-based and focus on effective strategies to support young people with SEND in employment.
  • Forums assess their local authority's position in relation to these outcomes and develop steps to achieve them.
  • Young people's voices and experiences are integral to these discussions, and forums decide how to include them effectively.

Quality Assurance and Sustainability:

  • Forums determine the number of Supported Internships required locally and set annual targets.
  • Quality is a priority, and the Supported Internships Quality Assurance Framework (SIQAF) helps identify and address quality gaps.
  • Forums explore opportunities within the local area, such as partnerships with local councils, hospitals, or universities, to offer Supported Internships.
  • Many local authorities aim to be host employers for Supported Internships themselves, promoting diversity and showcasing the valuable contributions of disabled young people to our communities.

Through delivering the Internships Work programme, local authorities are committed to ensuring that young people with SEND have the support they need to succeed in their journey towards employment. Through collaborative efforts with developing employment forums, they aim to create inclusive opportunities that benefit all young people.

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