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Perfect Week

This tool helps us to see what different aspects of living make up a really great week for a person.

Perfect week
This webcast looks at both Good Bay / Bad Day (from the beginning) & Perfect Week (starts at 2:52).

Leading on from Good Day / Bad Day is the perfect week person centred thinking tool. This helps us to see what different aspects of living make up a really great week for a person. It can be used to describe what happens now in a person’s week or what they would like their week to look like in the future.

The perfect week tool is useful in transition review meetings, where there may be people attending who do not know the person well or are meeting them for the first time. Perfect week can be used to show what range of activities an individual would like to be doing when they leave their current setting.

By spending time completing this template before a review meeting it can support the person to advocate for themselves and prepare them for this discussion. It can also support staff to advocate on behalf of a person if this template has been prepared beforehand.

The discussions around ‘perfect week’ can then lead to actions to work towards these activities happening in the future. These could be further education or training, travelling, leisure or sport activities and meeting friends, being with family and living more independently.

Perfect week supports developing aspirations for the future, doing the things you enjoy with people you want to be with-having the life you want.

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This resource was created by the National Development Team for Inclusion as part of our delivery of the Preparing for Adulthood programme, which was funded by the Department of Education to support the SEND reforms.

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