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This online session took place during NDTi’s Inclusive Education Festival, 15-19 March 2021. During the week, there were eight sessions to showcase great stories where inclusion really works and what needs to happen to ensure a more inclusive society.

This session was chaired by Jane Friswell (NDTi Trustee) with presentations from:

  • Liz Harris (Head Teacher) & Katie Ives (Inclusion Manager) from Monega Primary School. The school is part of the Boleyn Trust – seven schools in Newham, East London. Three of the schools have enhanced provision. All of the schools within the trust have a strong inclusive ethos, with a long history of inclusive practice, particularly around including children labelled with complex needs. The schools with resourced provision will typically have 30 children with complex needs and the other schools around 20 children with complex needs. Monega Primary School have five key values that all the staff and children adhere to; these are: Care, Commitment, Courtesy, Consideration and Cooperation. Liz and Kate share how the school has worked to ensure that all children are valued and treated as equals within the school. They believe this starts from the top: “Every leader is a leader of pupils with SEND”.
  • Jim McLucas (Deputy Headteacher) & Sab Ubhoo (Senior Assistant Headteacher, overseeing inclusion), Cleves School. The aim of Cleves School is to include all children in the school and to celebrate the diversity and differences in all of us. Cleves have 28 places out of a total of 480 for children with complex needs. The school has strong inclusion team that work across the school to ensure that all children are able to progress. The team includes curriculum support teachers, NNEB, school counsellors, mentors and family support workers who can support families who need wider support. The Deputy Headteacher is part of the Senior Management Team and leads on and supports the rest of the team across the school with their inclusion vision.

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As this is a recording of a live, online session, the sound and picture quality may vary. To ensure quick sharing of the recordings, captions have not been added yet. If you require a transcript, please email

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