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This Community of Practice (CoP) is made up group of people who share a concern or a passion for improving the lives of people through the CETR programme, and who are keen to learn how to make this process the best it can be through regular community meetings. We ask what is working well, what needs addressing. We seek to find solutions and take action as a community - be it getting more information or trying out new or different ways of working.

Who was at the last meeting?

Alex Brooks, Ian Penfold, Jane Ellis, Michael Lillis (Bemix), Maggie Graham, Natalie Ayliffe (East of England Spec Comm), Rebecca Marlette, Sally Brown, Scarlett Milward (childrens team), Tatenda Mupfayi, Thomas McGhie, Vicki Jeffery

Key Points from the latest meeting


There is a webpage now available for sharing information, good practice, links and agendas.

This can be accessed here:

The role of this group

Questions were asked about governance of and what capacity this group has to bring about change.

It was discussed that this is a group for sharing and learning best practice and amplifying this to national teams and also to explore and understand challenges and identify solutions and ways through.

It was discussed that this community of practice has the capacity to change practice through the actions of members – it is not a group to lobby or put pressure on others, rather to take the lead and as a community to support each other to fill in gaps of knowledge, to be able to take positive action.

Winterbourne View Anniversary

This month marks the 10 year anniversary of Winterbourne View. 31st May.

Tom McGhie made the point that Winterbourne View is the reason we are meeting together – the reason for CETRs.

Provider Collaboratives

In response to a question about who is responsible for sharing information between hospitals, a discussion emerged about the role of Provider Collaboratives. There were differing levels of knowledge and experience of what these were, how they applied to CTRs.

The following links to webpages and videos were shared to give more information about Provider Collaboratives:

In Summary it was understood that:

  • STP’s and ICS’s are taking over from TCPs.
  • Provider Collaboratives are separate to STP’s/ICS’s, but will work closely with them in their area with the aim of integrating community, acute and specialised services.
  • Provider Collaboratives are led by one Lead Provider, who then reports to their NHS regional lead (the 7 regional leads provide support and oversight).

These are the type of services Provider Collaboratives cover:

  • Children and Young People Mental Health services
  • Adult eating disorder services
  • Adult low and medium secure inpatient settings
  • Secure learning disability and autism inpatient services

Questions arising from this topic:

  • What are the data sharing agreements between Wales and England?
  • Who is the responsible owner of the data?
  • Is this something NHSE can advise us on as they commission the Hospitals?
  • What part does ICS have in it – where will the CTR responsibility sit?


Tom and Scarlett had been contacted by someone in prison service prompting the question:

Can we introduce CTRs in prisons to prevent hospital admissions? – how?

There is a concern that people admitted to hospital from prisons could end up being admitted for much longer. There is a concern that hospitals may proactively seek out those in prisons – use as a resource.

Current policy does not cover CTRs in prisons.

What role could the CETR programme have in supporting training in these settings to support people?

Scarlett Milward will reach out to a contact, to invite her to a meeting to discuss this further.

People and connections we need to make

Yasmin Surti – Good link between national team re provider collabs/CTR policy refresh

Gavin Harding (Senior Lived Experience Advisor) working on CTR consultation with provider collabs – share good practice on web page

Please do share this group with others – joining options will be available on the webpage.

Topic for Next Meeting

CTR Training standards

Next Meeting

16th June 2021

All information and agendas will be shared on the webpage – an email reminder will be sent ahead of the session.

Contact Office

Bath (Registered Office)

National Development Team for Inclusion
4 Queen Street

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