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CTR Chairs Training Online Resource Pack

NDTi has been commissioned by NHSE to deliver training to C(E)TR chairs across the South and London. This resource pack has been developed, bringing together information from a range of sources that will support the chair in their role. This information may also be of interest to other people involved in the meeting. There are specific sections for children and young people and families.

This training and development session is designed for both experienced chairs of CTRs and CETRs and for people new to the role. It applies to those working in CCGs and Specialised Commissioning.

The training outlines the Chair’s role before, during and after a CTR to make sure it reaches the published Gold Standard. It also covers:

  • How to use the CTR Code and the importance of personalisation
  • How to chair a meeting that is intended to be disruptive
  • The roles of experts by experience and clinical experts and how to get the best from them

It is also a great opportunity to learn about chairing Care and Treatment Reviews with people from across both regions.

If you are interested in exploring whether NDTi could support the development of Chairs in your area, please contact the Care and Treatment Review Team on

Top Picks from the Resource Pack

Family Survival Guide - Experts by Experience highly recommend this resource for families, and ask that all Chair’s share this before C(E)TRs take place

PDA - This is one of NDTi’s most popular resources. We’ve heard from families and commissioners that this information helps them to understand how best to work with people who fit this profile. We know that some people don’t like the name PDA – but we hope that the information is helpful.

File on 4 - This a Radio 4 File on 4 recording is really tough listening, but a critical reminder about why we need independent panels reviewing the care and treatment of autistic people and people with a learning disability who are in hospital.

Template for CETR Action Letter - Template letter to the young person about what was discussed and agreed in their CETR – a good practice example from Hampshire  

Autistic People and CTRs Presentation - This presentation provides an excellent introductory overview of autism and how this may shape an autistic person’s experience of C(E)TRs as part of a wider training need for all panel members. The presenters are clear that this should not be seen as a substitute for autism training, but as an introduction to the topic.

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