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Be bold – commissioning for small numbers

This document was produced by NDTi for Think Local Act Personal’s National Market Development Forum.

It is a practical, solution focused resource that brings together the headlines on what is known about how to develop the adult social care market when commissioning for the small number of people who have very expensive support needs. It is intended to help adult social care commissioners and their health partners, providers, and people who use services and their families to work together to develop local, individualised services that increase choice and control. For commissioners and providers, the document offers pointers on the actions to take. For local people and families, it provides a framework for holding commissioners and providers to account.

The work falls within the Think Local Act Personal partnership’s response to the events at Winterbourne View, and forms part of the Department of Health’s interim report action plan on Castlebeck. However, although it looks primarily through the lens of learning disability, most of the themes it highlights are generic. Its relevance therefore extends beyond people with learning disability to any groups of people with a particularly complex range of needs, and who existing services may struggle to support.

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