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Next Generation Leadership Programme

In 2014/15 NDTi delivered a major Leadership development programme for managers working in the field of learning disability.

There were essentially three elements to the programme, each focusing on different aspects of leadership for people working in services for people with learning disabilities (though the majority of the course content relates to leadership in wider than a single 'client group' context).

1. Leadership, Change and Personal Skills. Three two-day residential modules where the whole course membership comes together to focus on issues of organisation change, leadership, team-working and personal management style. These components will be the more ‘theoretical’ parts of the programme, but will still be firmly rooted in the realities of life as a leader in services. The aim and purpose will be to share ideas, evidence and strategies to help equip participants with the tools they need to understand (i) how to operate effectively within an organisation (ii) how to lead significant change (iii) how their personal style can evolve and grow their potential to demonstrate real leadership.

2. Looking Outwards. Two one-day modules that focus upon the external relationships with essential partners/stakeholders. One day will be concerned with partnership with the self-advocacy/user movement and with families and will bring best practice and practical strategies into play that will help ensure participants can get beyond the rhetoric of what should happen to ensure that these relationships are not only successful but also provide real added value to their work. The second day will be concerned with community inclusion, sharing the NDTi’s leading edge practice in getting beyond traditional services to promote people’s place as equal and valued members of their local community. The course will separate in two for these modules – north and south, to make travelling easier for these one-day sessions.

3. Leading Edge Practice. Two one-day modules on leading edge practice in learning disabilities that participants will be able to select from a list at the start of the programme. Four options will be run on each occasion and, subject to demand, it is hoped that each option will be run at least once. The aim here is to get beyond the usual discussion, and help participants explore the boundaries of the possible.

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